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There is a list of medications containing "Omeprazole" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Omeprazole medications The last trade name of products
Abcid Abcid - Acizol Acizol
Aclopec Aclopec - Alboz Alboz
Aliot Aliot - Apo-Omeprazole Apo-Omeprazole
Apoxd Apoxd - Aziatop Aziatop
Azitrix Azitrix - Bisid Bisid
Bold Bold - CGMag CGMag
Cibra Cibra - Coz Coz
Cpolit Cpolit - DGR DGR
Dinac-C Dinac-C - Edizol Edizol
Elgam Elgam - Eselan Eselan
Esozole Esozole - Family Wellness Omeprazole Family Wellness Omeprazole
Farmazol Farmazol - Fymezole Fymezole
Gamp Gamp - Gastricalm Gastricalm
Gastriloc Gastriloc - Gastrozol Gastrozol
Gazol Gazol - Hamazol Hamazol
Hanzol Hanzol - Helol Helol
Heprazole Heprazole - Indurgan Indurgan
IN-Helezol IN-Helezol - Jotac Jotac
Karzole Karzole - Leader Omeprazole Leader Omeprazole
Leemazole Leemazole - Lomecid Lomecid
Lomex Lomex - Losaprol Losaprol
Losec Infuzje Losec Infuzje - Lyom Lyom
Macomez Macomez - Megafro Megafro
Megapraz Megapraz - Mepralin Mepralin
Meprascot Meprascot - Metzan Metzan
Mezol Mezol - Morecon Morecon
Mosec Mosec - Nex Nex
Nilsec Nilsec - Norsec Norsec
Noul Noul - Oedes Oedes
Ofnol Ofnol - Olzol Olzol
Olzole Olzole - Omark Omark
Omatole Omatole - Omebrain Omebrain
Omec Omec - Omed (Medhaus Pharma) Omed (Medhaus Pharma)
Omed (Sandoz) Omed (Sandoz) - Omega Zol Omega Zol
Omegast Omegast - Omelax Omelax
Omele Omele - Omenex Omenex
Omento Omento - Omep-K Omep-K
Omeplus Omeplus - Omepramed Omepramed
Omepra-N Omepra-N - Omeprazol (AbZ-Pharma) Omeprazol (AbZ-Pharma)
Omeprazol (Accord Healthcare) Omeprazol (Accord Healthcare) - Omeprazol (Amneal Pharmaceuticals) Omeprazol (Amneal Pharmaceuticals)
Omeprazol (Angenerico Produtos Farmaceuticos Genericos) Omeprazol (Angenerico Produtos Farmaceuticos Genericos) - Omeprazol (Baldacci Farmoquimica) Omeprazol (Baldacci Farmoquimica)
Omeprazol (Basics) Omeprazol (Basics) - Omeprazol (Carrion Laboratoires) Omeprazol (Carrion Laboratoires)
Omeprazol (Chemo Iberica) Omeprazol (Chemo Iberica) - Omeprazol (Cuvefarma Laboratorio) Omeprazol (Cuvefarma Laboratorio)
Omeprazol (D.A. Carrion) Omeprazol (D.A. Carrion) - Omeprazol (Dutriec) Omeprazol (Dutriec)
Omeprazol (Ecuaquimica) Omeprazol (Ecuaquimica) - Omeprazol (Farmindustria) Omeprazol (Farmindustria)
Omeprazol (Fine Pharma Chem) Omeprazol (Fine Pharma Chem) - Omeprazol (GP-Pharm) Omeprazol (GP-Pharm)
Omeprazol (Grufarcol) Omeprazol (Grufarcol) - Omeprazol (ION Laboratorio) Omeprazol (ION Laboratorio)
Omeprazol (Jaba Recordati) Omeprazol (Jaba Recordati) - Omeprazol (Lafrancol Laboratorio) Omeprazol (Lafrancol Laboratorio)
Omeprazol (Lark Laboratories) Omeprazol (Lark Laboratories) - Omeprazol (Mer Medicamentos) Omeprazol (Mer Medicamentos)
Omeprazol (Millet Paraguayos Laboratorio) Omeprazol (Millet Paraguayos Laboratorio) - Omeprazol (Pauly Laboratorios Pharmaceuticals) Omeprazol (Pauly Laboratorios Pharmaceuticals)
Omeprazol (Pentacoop) Omeprazol (Pentacoop) - Omeprazol (Ranbaxy) Omeprazol (Ranbaxy)
Omeprazol (Repmedicas) Omeprazol (Repmedicas) - Omeprazol (Shanxi Guangsheng Pharmaceutical) Omeprazol (Shanxi Guangsheng Pharmaceutical)
Omeprazol (Shanxi Yabao Pharmaceutical) Omeprazol (Shanxi Yabao Pharmaceutical) - Omeprazol (Teva) Omeprazol (Teva)
Omeprazol (ToLife Produtos Farmaceuticos) Omeprazol (ToLife Produtos Farmaceuticos) - Omeprazol ABDrug Omeprazol ABDrug
Omeprazol Benel Omeprazol Benel - Omeprazol Placasod Omeprazol Placasod
Omeprazol Prazolene Omeprazol Prazolene - Omeprazole (Arrow Generiques) Omeprazole (Arrow Generiques)
Omeprazole (Aurobindo) Omeprazole (Aurobindo) - Omeprazole (EG Labo) Omeprazole (EG Labo)
Omeprazole (Evolupharm Laboratoire) Omeprazole (Evolupharm Laboratoire) - Omeprazole (Kent Pharmaceuticals) Omeprazole (Kent Pharmaceuticals)
Omeprazole (KRKA) Omeprazole (KRKA) - Omeprazole (Nizhpharm) Omeprazole (Nizhpharm)
Omeprazole (Obolenskoe Pharmaceutical Enterprise) Omeprazole (Obolenskoe Pharmaceutical Enterprise) - Omeprazole (Sanofi-Aventis) Omeprazole (Sanofi-Aventis)
Omeprazole (Shchelkovo Vitamin Plant) Omeprazole (Shchelkovo Vitamin Plant) - Omeprazole (Watson Pharmaceuticals) Omeprazole (Watson Pharmaceuticals)
Omeprazole (Yekaterinburg Pharmaceutical Company) Omeprazole (Yekaterinburg Pharmaceutical Company) - Omeprazolo (Almus) Omeprazolo (Almus)
Omeprazolo (DOC Generici) Omeprazolo (DOC Generici) - Omeprazon Omeprazon
Omepreazole Omepreazole - Omeral Omeral
Omerax Omerax - Omestom Omestom
Omesun Omesun - Omevingt Omevingt
Omex Omex - Omezul Omezul
Omezyn Omezyn - Omikos Omikos
Omimak Omimak - Omizac Omizac
Omizol Omizol - Omolin Omolin
Omotic Omotic - Ompranyt Ompranyt
Omracap Omracap - Omypax Omypax
Omze Omze - Opep Opep
Opera Opera - Oprazole (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals) Oprazole (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals)
Oprazole (Pramukh Swami Pharma) Oprazole (Pramukh Swami Pharma) - Orazole Orazole
Orid Orid - Oxyntik Oxyntik
Ozad Ozad - Ozowin Ozowin
Pamezone Pamezone - Peptizole Peptizole
Pepzol Pepzol - Plaz Plaz
Pleom Pleom - Prazofar Prazofar
Prazol Prazol - Prilos Prilos
Priom Priom - Promes Promes
Promezal Promezal - Protosec Protosec
Prozex Prozex - Raserprazol Raserprazol
Razole Razole - Rivaprazole Rivaprazole
Robome Robome - Sante Sante
Scom Scom - Skyzole Skyzole
Socid Socid - Sunmark Omeprazole Sunmark Omeprazole
Sydenprazole Sydenprazole - Topcare Omeprazole Topcare Omeprazole
Traz Traz - Ulceral Ulceral
Ulcesep Ulcesep - Ulcozol Rapid Ulcozol Rapid
Ulcsep Ulcsep - Ulstop Ulstop
Ultizol Ultizol - Veesec Veesec
Venomez Venomez - Winocid Winocid
Wisprazol Wisprazol - Zatrol Zatrol
Zefxon Zefxon - Zolacap Zolacap
Zolantrac Zolantrac - Zolpro Zolpro
Zoltar Zoltar - Zulmedx Zulmedx

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